The Women

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Painter, poet, community and environmental activist. Adele’s art is in many private and public collections, including the Phillips Gallery and Museum in Washington, DC. She has had numerous solo exhibitions nationally and internationally. She studied art with such luminaries as Hans Hoffman, Karl Knaths and Karl Zerbe. Her activism manifested as founder of Gardens for Humanity and in roles with International Friends of Transformative Art and Visual Arts for “Summer Thing”, City of Boston. Adele is also a writer and her most current book is Our Sacred Garden: The Living Earth, 2011.
Andrea is an experienced Massage Therapist, dedicated vegetarian cook, organic gardener and crafts woman. She also performs and teaches Tribal Belly Dance. She and her husband run a bed and breakfast located in outer Clarkdale, just 10 minutes from Cottonwood and Jerome and about 30 minutes from Sedona where hand-built passive solar, sustainable buildings are nestled in a verdant permaculture landscape, with a terraced organic vegetable garden.
Harpist, singer-songwriter, author and sound therapist. In 1994 she founded Songaia Sound Medicine, promoting healing through music. She uses Voice Spectrum Analysis to identify missing vocal tones and these frequencies are then used therapeutically. Her articles have been published in books, magazines, and can be found on her website. In addition to producing numerous music recordings, she leads pilgrimages to the ancient sites in Europe. She lives in Southern France and Arizona.
During her childhood, Banya wondered about the sensations in her hands – she didn’t understand she had inherited the same healing hands as her mother and 3 earlier generations of her family.   She remembers playing with the energy in her hands like a glowing ball in the dark, not realizing that she had a special gift. Today Banya has a successful Acupuncture and Oriental Healing Center in Sedona, Arizona. She is a 4th level black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a teacher of Tai Chi Chuan and Dahn Yoga. She leads workshops in Spiritual Acupuncture around the country, teaches symptom based exercises, energy healing, and runs the Institute of Brain Education.
Florence’s early training includes the Erskine School in Boston and summer stock at North Shore Players in Marblehead, Mass. Her pursuit of theatre arts was deflected by World War II and she spent those years in Washington D.C. working for Military Intelligence. In the late 1940’s she worked in New York City for a production company, Theatre Inc., and for Master Stage Designer, Jo Mielziner. Then in her late fifties, after marriage and raising a family, Florence moved to Los Angeles where she had a successful career as a character actress on stage and in film and television for 15 years. P.O. Box 457, Clarkdale AZ 86324
A visionary performance and recording artist well-known for her performances of the initiatory poetry of Rumi and other spiritual masters. Her concerts are a symphony of consciousness opening the heart and moving people through thresholds of awareness. Her programs celebrate ecstatic reunion with the Beloved anointing consciousness through sacred sound, vibration and the living Word. Wisdom teacher, healer and mystic, she also offers programs and trainings in healing arts and sciences opening humanity’s mystical heart and calling forth our essence into deeper expressions of love, creativity and compassionate service.
Spiritual therapist, teacher of healing movement. Jennifer’s spiritual and creative journey in life was first awakened and nurtured by the wild creatures and places of Arizona’s high desert where she grew up. As a young adult Jennifer became a dancer, teacher and choreographer. While in New York City in the 1980’s Jennifer began her study of esoteric healing traditions. Since then she has dedicated her life’s work to helping others know and express the divinity and creative nature of body, mind and heart. P.O. Box 887, Clarkdale, AZ 86324
Co-owner of Golden Lotus Gallery & Honshin Gallery in Sedona, AZ. “My life’s work is to hold space were all people feel welcomed. Art gives us the opportunity to transcend our ordinary being into the oneness that is. Inlakesh – is a practice and an ancient Mayan greeting meaning I see you as myself.. it is a doorway to perceive another person as yourself..”
As a restauranteur and philanthropist, her endless energy, attention to detail and passion for food and ambience are found in her two award-winning restaurants, Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante Italiano and Cucina Rustica. Lisa is also the Executive Catering Director of Dahl and DiLuca Decadent Catering Company. Her recipes have been published in Gourmet, Bon Appetite, and Sedona Magazine by reader requests. Lisa’s passion for food and her culinary lifestyle was also featured in a column she penned for Sedona Monthly Magazine and most recently, she released her first published cookbook titled The Elixir of Life.
A painter and Origami artist. “When I first learned to fold a peace crane, I thought I could fold enough to prevent the war. After the war began I realized folding was a way of holding peace in the moment. I began praying for people I love. As time passes, it becomes more important to hold a space for peace.” Lou, a Sedona resident, holds a Master of Fine Arts from Claremont Graduate School (California). “I needed to put something out in the world that sparked a spiritual consciousness. My work reflects the losing of the self into a greater purpose.”
Is Owner/Director of the Sedona School of Massage.  She has 22 years teaching experience, having been part of the core staff at the Florida School of Massage from 1987 – 1995, and as Co-Owner/ Director at the Arizona School of Integrative Studies from 1996 to 2001. Her teaching style is dynamic, weaving together the art and science of bodywork.  Her life’s journey has been one of inquiry, a looking into the very nature of our being-ness and human potential!
Is the founder/director of NewLahnd Studios. NewLahnd is a visionary devoted to the beauty, wonder, and wisdom of the Sacred Feminine. She expresses this through her art, music, writing and international facilitation of Women’s groups. Her intensive study into human evolution and spirituality, has made Rhianne an excellent counselor. Rhianne’s recent creation, The HeartWisdom Circle Game, is an innovative experiential tool for transformation, inspiring the players to access their wisdom and magnificence. HeartWisdom inspiring products of music, art, dolls and courses are being created, that will delight women and girls of all ages.
Enocha Ranjita RyanENOCHA “RANJITA” RYAN
Is steward, owner, hostess and facilitator of a private retreat sanctuary nestled like a jewel in the heart of Oak Creek Canyon called Your Heart’s Home. Her passionate gift to the world is in the Transformational Healing Arts facilitating her clients and guests to wake up to their innate divinity. Ranjita is dedicated to the healing of the sisterhood throughout humanity. Her project, S.O.S. – Soul of Sisterhood, which is the name of her upcoming book, describes how the feminine aspect within each of us is the healing medicine and saving grace for our planet today.
Founder of Living Flower Essences and the Center for Plant Studies and Healing Arts. Author of Voices of Flowers and The Healing Power of Flowers: Bridging Herbalism, Homeopathy, Flower Essences, and the Human Energy System. She is a graduate of the British Institute of Homeopathy, where she is a fellow and tutor. Rhonda teaches herbal studies, plant life, healing journeys in nature, and a Flower Essence and Chakra Healing Certification Program through the Arizona School of Integrative Studies, (ASIS). She also teaches and speaks at various herb and healing conferences throughout the USA.
Began drawing and painting early in life and attended the Art Institute in Chicago before other responsibilities intervened. She says she “began again at square one” when she returned to making her own art in 1996. Ruth is inspired by people and by nature. She states: “In beginning each new painting, pastel, drawing or sculpture there is more unknown than known. My wish is to deliver the emotional impact that the subject has on me. In the process, I inevitably discover more about the subject and its environment as I work..”
Is a life and career coach. Her work includes leadership development and executive coaching for the Federal Government. Sarah has worked as a public policy lobbyist in Washington, D.C. for the Lutheran Office of Governmental Affairs. She has traveled to refugee camps around the world. She is the recent author of Crossing Rough Waters – Journey from Fear to Freedom. When Sarah is not working as a coach, she works with small groups and individuals to facilitate spiritual and personal self-exploration.